Frugality Fail

That stash of birth control pills I had at home, you know, the ones I was going to use for this IVF cycle to avoid having to pay for a new prescription? Apparently those things expire. I probably shouldn’t be surprised, since this marks our 2 year anniversary of trying to get pregnant, and I stopped taking the pill about 4 months before we “officially” started trying. I only had to take one expired pill though, which I sure was fine. I now have a new, unexpired, $30 pack of pills and am one week away from starting the Lupron shots!

On a side note, Wallgreens no longer takes my insurance for prescription drug coverage. I had no idea pharmacies also have agreements with insurance companies. I think I can get this one reimbursed (my insurance *should* cover generic birth control pills) but we’ll just add this to the tally.

Grand total for IVF so far… $622 for the planning visit, $30 for the BCP’s = $652 (one perk our clinic has for IVF patients–FREE PARKING!! woo hoo!!)

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