Research as a defense mechanism

Different people have different ways of dealing with uncertainty. And with IVF, there’s a lot of uncertainty. As with most things in my life, I find the uncertainty easier to deal with if I can minimize the emotion and approach the topic from a scientific perspective. As such, I have accumulated quite the library of infertility publications. I like to think I’m pretty good at sorting through all the crap that’s on the internet and finding the most relevant studies and statistics. So for anyone with unexplained infertility, wondering about IVF, let me share with you what I have learned:

1) It is more cost effective to do IUI/Clomid x 3, then IVF than it is to do IUI/Clomid x 3, IUI/gonadotropins x 3, then IVF (the average couple will save $9800). Reference here.

2) There is no difference in live birth rates for IVF with or without ICSI for unexplained or non-male factor infertility. In fact, pregnancy rate may be higher for IVF without ICSI. References here, here and here.

3) PIO and Crinone gel are equal efficacious for luteal phase support in IVF (and people like the gel better). Reference here.

There are a few other things I’m not sure I fully understand, like the dexamethasone I have to take after transfer, or the addition of estradiol to the luteal phase support, but I will continue my research. However, now I should probably focus on my research into how to make mice skinny, since that is what I am being paid to do.


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One Response to Research as a defense mechanism

  1. Kathleen says:

    Would be interested to know more about the PIO vs. crinone study. Couldn’t get a lot of info out of the link. I was of the opinion that it was a matter of personal preference – scary pain in the butt (PIO) vs. messy goop (Crinone), but would be curious how people expressed their preference. You know, scientific fascination and all. 😉

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