The Drugs

I stopped by the pharmacy today to pick up the rest of my medication. Grand total for drugs so far this cycle? $625. Really, in the world of IVF, that’s nothing. The Gonal-F alone is usually $3000 but for some bizarre reason, the state of Washington gives the UW a ridiculous deal on fertility  meds, so the Gonal-F only cost me $200 (plus the one I have left over from our last IUI). What does $625 worth of meds look like?

The Goods

I’ve been taking the Lupron for about a week now, and it’s not so bad. Little needle so pretty much painless:

Lupron, FDA approved for the treatment of prostate cancer

Sunday I start the stims: Gonal-F and Luveris. I’ve taken the Gonal-F before. It comes in a pen, which is so so easy. The Luveris will require mixing, so a bit more complicated.

Gonal-F pen with its teeny tiny needle


Luveris and its sterile water. Big needle for mixing, little needle for injecting.

I’m not going to lie–this one scares me: Novarel. This is the trigger, and is intramuscular, which means it goes in the butt. Normally you would get someone else to do this for you, because as you can imagine, shooting yourself in the butt is a little challenging. But my dear husband would likely pass out at the sight of the needle, much less be able to shove said needle into my butt. So unless anyone wants to come over and do it for me (I’ll make margaritas!) I’m going to have to figure it out myself.

The Trigger


Really big needle for mixing, still pretty big needle for injecting.

And finally, my random assortment of pills. Which I’m happy to say insurance actually paid for so the whole bunch of them cost me around $2. Woo hoo!!

The cheap ones!

From left to right: antibiotics, Vicodin (not sure what this is for, but I’m sure I can find a use for it!), Xanax (fun!), more antibiotics, steroids (to keep my immune system from attacking the embryo) and estradiol (I don’t know why I am taking this). Whew. After this, I will have no problem teaching my patients to use insulin. Insulin is a piece of cake.

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One Response to The Drugs

  1. Kathleen says:

    Vicodin because an ER feels like being punched in the ovaries, really really hard. That said, I didn’t find it painful enough to require vicodin, advil was fine.
    And Xanax because all of the fiddling around during ET can cause anxiety. Again, I didn’t take it. I probably should have because I had to pee so bad (OMG) and I was anxious about peeing on my RE. 😉
    Estradiol would just be for support – it’s more common in an FET. You may not need it if you have high E2 from the stims. But every RE is different on that.
    And the IM shots aren’t that bad. Alex passes out at the sight of anything blood related, but I MADE him do my IM shots. In the end, I was forced to do one myself because I had to travel and it is so not bad. I mean so not bad that I fired Alex after that. Watch the youtube videos (search for something like self-injecting PIO) and do it in front of a bathroom mirror (if you have one low enough).
    Good luck!!

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