There they are

I was beginning to think this IVF stuff was too easy. I took Lupron, which basically put me into menopause, and didn’t really have any side effects. I started the stims, which are supposed to be putting my ovaries into overdrive, and nothing. At least nothing until I was enjoying my 2 mile walk from clinic back to the lab and holy heck… I think my ovaries were trying to escape through my abdominal wall. Suddenly my work clothes were unbearable, so I came home to finish my work for the day in the comfort of my scrubs. I also ate half a bag of jalapeno potato chips which I’m sure is not going to help with the bloat, but yum, they were delicious. Tomorrow is the big day! We get to see what the meds are doing, and hopefully get a better idea as to when the bigger days are going to happen. I’m hoping all this bloat means lots and lots of good healthy happy baby making eggs.

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