Tentatively Triggering Tuesday

I do love alliteration. Everything continues to look good. I have 13 follicles between 11 and 15 mm and my estradiol is 1500. I don’t really know what the estradiol level means at this point. Apparently a mature follicle will produce a estradiol level of 200. Great, but what does it mean when you don’t have any mature follicles? I don’t know, but the doctor told me that was a perfect level for this point in the cycle. I have another appointment Tuesday morning, and we’ll make the final decision on the trigger then, but she thinks it will be Tuesday night. That’s that big needle. I may wimp out and have my sister do it, but for now I think I can handle it.

Hopefully Tuesday is the day. I have just enough meds to get me through 9 days of stims. If I have to do one more day, I will have to buy another Gonal-F pen, and that’s $100 that I would rather spend on shoes. Crossing my fingers that all goes well on Tuesday! (and I’ll be wearing some lucky socks to help with that as well)

I’m getting more and more nervous as this process progresses. Yes, it’s great to see all those follicles and know I’m responding well, but failure to produce follicles has never been our problem. There’s something else wrong, and I’m so worried that this isn’t going to fix it. But I have to keep reminding myself that this is the best shot we have. If anything is going to work, this will, and as we successfully reach each point along the way, our chances of success continue to go up. And if nothing else, this should give us a better idea as to where the problem lies, which will actually be a huge relief for me.

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One Response to Tentatively Triggering Tuesday

  1. Kathleen says:

    Cheering for you!! I hope this is it!

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