No more shots!

Last night was the last shot. Remember the big one? Well, it actually didn’t hurt at all. It was just a bit nerve wracking as I tried to psych myself up to get the long needle into my ass. I was successful though, as my blood test this morning did confirm the presence of hCG in my blood. That’s the trigger, it’s also what they measure when you are pregnant, so I also took a pregnancy test this morning just to make sure there really are two lines on those suckers. There are.

The Aftermath

Tomorrow at 9:30 am they are taking my eggs. Thank God. I am so bloated and uncomfortable, I want these things out! Last count there were close to 20. My estrogen is now 4000. That’s high. I’m hoping for 15 eggs tomorrow. A recent study found that the optimal number of eggs retrieved in IVF is between 15 and 20. Up to 15, your odds of a successful pregnancy increase. They stabilize between 15 and 20, and with more than 20 eggs the odds actually go down. Quality is more important that quantity.

Everyone at work thinks I’m “working from home” tomorrow, which I will probably have to do. Although I’ve set up a nice little nest for myself on the couch with all my assorted knitting projects in case I don’t feel up to it. I have to have an outline of a paper done by Monday, and I’m supposed to present at our lab meeting on Monday. I need to give myself these deadlines or I will never do any work. I just don’t think tomorrow is going to be the most productice day.

I’ll update tomorrow afternoon with the final count. Cross your fingers for good news!!

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