Update #1

My doctor called to see how I was feeling (have I mentioned how much I love my clinic?), and to up date me on my eggs. Of the 16 retrieved, 14 were mature and all got ICSI’d. He says they generally expect 70% fertilization rate with ICSI, so we should get 9 or 10 to fertilize.

Why not 100%? Aren’t we sticking the sperm directly into the egg? Human reproduction is actually pretty finicky. Even if the sperm gets into the egg, there could be something wrong with the egg or the sperm and it just doesn’t take. Even once we get fertilized eggs, they aren’t all going to divide properly, some won’t grow at all, and some will grow, but will look bad. Only about 30% of fertilized eggs make it to blastocyst stage. So we’re hoping for 3 embryos on day 5 (although I continue to strive to be above normal and I would like more of course). How many to transfer is still up in the air… Luckily we don’t have to make that decision until the day of.

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