I must have been the last phone call of the day. The fertilization report (drum roll please)…. of the 16 eggs, 12 were mature (not 14 as previously reported) and 11 fertilized!! Woo hoo!

Hopefully those 11 embryos will grow nicely. We only have two steps left that could potentially identify the problem we’ve had getting pregnant. If it was a fertilization problem, we’ve bypassed that with ICSI. If the eggs fertilize ok but grow poorly, we’ll learn that in the next 3 or 4 days. If they grow fine, but don’t implant properly, we’ll know that when the embryo doesn’t stick… about 2 weeks from now. I’m still of the mindset that it is just a numbers problem. We needed the right egg to meet the right sperm. And when you think about it, trying for 2 years only gets you 24 eggs to work with (plus a few extra that we got out of our IUI cycles). Here we’ve gotten over a year’s worth of eggs in one shot.

Fingers, toes, eyes, anything I have is crossed that this works out. It’s all out of my hands at this point, so the waiting just continues.

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One Response to Finally!

  1. Kathleen says:

    Everything is crossed for you! Transfer on Tuesday?? 🙂 Eeeek!!

    And no PIO? I have no words for how jealous I will be if you get to avoid that! 😉

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