The last step

Tomorrow is the final step in this IVF cycle: embryo transfer. We will show up around 11am tomorrow. We will discuss the quality of whichever embryos are still puttering along and then we have to decide how many to transfer.

I always thought I would transfer 2. I’m old, I have old eggs, the guidelines say we can transfer 2. But my doctor keeps telling me I’m not old, and I responded beautifully to the meds, which would suggest my eggs are not old. In that case, she recommends only transferring one.

I wouldn’t mind twins. In fact, while we were doing IUIs, I would have preferred twins so we could have our two kids and be done, and never have to deal with all this uncertainty again. But now that we have the possibilty of frozen embryos, and a much less involved transfer process for future babies, I don’t want twins. I want one baby, and I want them to have a sibling in about a year and a half. I want to be able to expeience my children individually, and learn from them how to be a better parent the next time around. I want them to have as much of my attention as I can give and while all these things are possible with twins, it’s easier with one at a time. I think.

But more importantly, I want to maximize my chances of a healthy pregnancy. There are increased risks with twins, and there’s always the chance that one embryo will split and you end up with triplets. I want to do whatever I can to make sure my baby has its best shot at making it through those nine months without complications, and hanging out in that uterus solo will certainly help.

We will see how the conversation goes tomorrow.

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2 Responses to The last step

  1. Mrs. E says:

    Good luck tomorrow! I’m still waiting for the lab to call me with my transfer time, but I should be going in tomorrow as well. I’ll be thinking of you and sending you lots of sticky dust!

  2. Kathleen says:

    Good luck sweetie!!! One is a great way to go!

    And if you do have some to freeze and truly feel that one kid at a time is best, definitely ask them to freeze them individually!

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