Then there were six

Update from the doctor this morning: of the 11 eggs fertilized, six of them are growing and dividing well. That’s a pretty good number. From my research, I’ve found estimates from 25-60% of embryos make it to day 5. I don’t know the details of where those estimates come from. I can only imagine the higher numbers come from people without egg or sperm pproblems (ie blocked tubes) and the lower numbers from people with crappy eggs and/or sperm. I really don’t know where “unexplained” infertility falls. Somewhere in the middle?

So the doctor is hoping for 2 or 3 good quality embryos tomorrow. I of course am hoping for 3 or 4, then we will (hopefully) have something to freeze and we will have some back up babies if things don’t work the first time. Or siblings if it does.

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