The Two Week Wait (aka the 2WW)

The hardest part of any treatment cycle is the 2WW. You have taken the drugs, you have (hopefully) fertilized some eggs, they should be making their way to their home in the uterine lining, but it will be 2 weeks from ovulation before you know whether or not it worked. With our IUI cycles, I usually did ok with the first week. But the second week dragged on and on and then always ended in a big fat fail.

I’m surprisingly optimistic about this cycle. Everything has been perfect. We still only have a 50/50 chance of it working, but when you think about the fact that a perfectly healthy couple only has a 20% chance of conceiving each month when they do it the old fashioned way, I think the odds are pretty good. But I’m still probably going to lose my mind waiting until I get my blood test one week from Thursday.

So stealing the idea from some of my internet friends, I’ve made a list of things to accomplish in the next 9 days (another advantage of doing a 5 day transfer, is that 2 week wait is now only a 9 day wait!). This way I have one thing to look forward to each day, and hopefully will keep me busy. Some are fun, some not so fun, but all should keep me busy.

  1. Outline my paper for work (this is not fun, but needs to be done)
  2. Organize my notes from studying for the boards which are only a month away (also not fun, but I can’t remember which topics I’ve already studied and which ones I need to review)
  3. Finish baby gift #1 (this is fun, and almost done!)
  4. Baste my quilt and if I’m feeling really ambitious, quilt one square. I think I figured out hand quilting. It’s not pretty, but it’s fun and kind of relaxing.
  5. Find a place to go swimming. I need to exercise. My ovaries are still too big to allow for running, so swimming it is!
  6. Buy yarn for Christmas gift #1 (the worlds warmest mittens)
  7. Make cinnamon rolls for brunch this weekend.
  8. Organize my knitting/sewing/crafting nook
  9. Get more bins for the closet and finish organizing that as well.

Nine days, nine tasks. And since I’m meeting with my boss tomorrow afternoon to review my paper outline, I think that will be the task for today.


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