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And we’re back…

Of course we have no answers as to why things didn’t work last cycle. Our doctor suspects it may be due to my super high estrogen levels causing problems with the lining. Or (more likely) it was just bad luck. … Continue reading

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For those of us dealing with infertility, the follow up appointment after a failed cycle is affectionately known as the WTF appointment. As in WTF? Why didn’t this work? Unfortunately, my doctor is out of town until next week. Then … Continue reading

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So what’s the deal?

Either you are pregnant, or not, right? Ha. If only it were that easy. I’m continuely amazed that anyone ever manages to have a baby given how lousy the human body is at reproducing itself. There doesn’t seem to be … Continue reading

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Don’t bother hitting refresh

If you guys are like me, when waiting for news, you hit refresh over and over and over again, waiting for that up date. Yes, today is my blood test. No, I won’t be posting the results here. I’m under … Continue reading

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Biding my time

I’ve had my ups and downs this week. For a few days I was convinced this didn’t work because I woke up feeling crampy and was sure that was an indication that my period was on its way. Then I … Continue reading

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It takes two days for a day 5 embryo to implant, and another 3 days for it to start making enough hcg to be detected on a pregnancy test. So why do I keep peeing on sticks? Somehow my embryo … Continue reading

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