Biding my time

I’ve had my ups and downs this week. For a few days I was convinced this didn’t work because I woke up feeling crampy and was sure that was an indication that my period was on its way. Then I came to my senses. One, it was only 8 days past ovulation. Even with my ridiculously short luteal phase, even if this didn’t work, I wouldn’t be getting my period for another 3 or 4 days. It was far too early to start having cramps. Two, I’m on progesterone. This will keep me from getting my period, so again, no cramps. Third, progesterone makes you constipated, which might actually explain the cramps. And after spending some quality time in the bathroom (TMI, sorry), I felt much better.

The last few days I have been more positive. I think it is still too early to take any pregnancy tests, but I have a stash waiting for me to decide to test. At least I’m feeling optimistic again.

How am I doing on my things to keep me distracted during the 2WW list?

  1. Outline my paper for work  Done, now I just need to write the damn thing.
  2. Organize my notes from studying for the boards. Not done, and I’m behind on studying too.
  3. Finish baby gift #1 Sort of done, I finished it, then realized it was too small, so have some more work to do.
  4. Baste my quilt. Done, I even quilted a few squares. Hand quilting isn’t so bad, as long as you have a good thimble!
  5. Find a place to go swimming. Hmm, I forgot about this one.
  6. Buy yarn for Christmas gift #1 Done. I might actually get my Christmas knitting done this year!
  7. Make cinnamon rolls for brunch this weekend. I cheated. We had cinnamon rolls in the freezer from the last time I made them. I used those. They were still delicious.
  8. Organize my knitting/sewing/crafting nook. Not done, it’s still a mess up there.
  9. Get more bins for the closet and finish organizing that as well. Done!

Overall, not bad! Two more days until my blood test, three more tasks to complete. It was very nice having a long weekend in there to keep me occupied. Work is going to drag the next few days.

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One Response to Biding my time

  1. Kathleen says:

    I like these signs, I’m just sayin….

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