Don’t bother hitting refresh

If you guys are like me, when waiting for news, you hit refresh over and over and over again, waiting for that up date. Yes, today is my blood test. No, I won’t be posting the results here. I’m under a gag order. We’ve decided that it probably would be best to share any news with our family before the world at large. And since even if we get good news today, it will be a few more weeks before we feel like things are certain enough to share with the family, it will be a few weeks before I make any official announcements. Good or bad.

But in reality, those who know me in real life will know where things stand. Those who know me through my internet identity will know. So you really won’t be left out. You just won’t get the details here for a few weeks. I’ll try to find something else to keep you entertained with. Perhaps all my research into home pregnancy tests? Non-alcoholic cocktail recipes? How much coffee and exercise is ok when trying to get pregnant?

Or maybe I’ll actually do the work I’m getting paid to do.

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