For those of us dealing with infertility, the follow up appointment after a failed cycle is affectionately known as the WTF appointment. As in WTF? Why didn’t this work?

Unfortunately, my doctor is out of town until next week. Then my husband is out of town until the following week. Since I would like all of us to be there for this appointment, it won’t be happening until the 26th. I don’t know if we will be able to move on to a FET with this next cycle, or if I will have to take a month off. But chances are this next cycle will start sometime in the next few days. If we are going to move on right away, I need to get back on birth control pills. Waiting until our WTF to make this decision might be too late.

Luckily, my nurse loves me. She told me I am her favorite patient. She may tell this to all of her patients, but I don’t care. I like hearing it. She is going to email my doctor and find out what we would need to do *if* we were going to move forward right away. If all it requires is starting birth control pills, that’s not a big deal. I can do that just in case, then we can decide what we are going to do at our WTF visit. If it is a more complicated issue, then we will just wait, and put everything off for a month.

I’m looking forward to having a plan again. And hoping for a better outcome this time.

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