Here we go again

Frozen IVF cycles are SO MUCH EASIER (and cheaper!!) than fresh IVF cycles. And my clinic follows a particularly simple protocol:

I’m on BCPs until October 18th. Then I stop them and start estrogen. I’ll take that for a week, then up the dose for a week, then on Nov. 2nd I’ll go in to make sure my uterine lining is nice and thick. Once it looks good, I start progesterone. Five days after I start progesterone, we thaw out our two best embryos and put them back in. And hope and pray that one (and only one!) sticks. That should be Nov. 10th. We should know by Thanksgiving if things worked. The nice part is I have all the meds leftover from our fresh cycle (estrogen and some progesterone) and one of my dear internet friends sent me a bunch of her leftover progesterone, which will save me $200 or so. Any little bit helps when you don’t have any insurance coverage.

Not much to do between now and November 10th. I’m trying to start running again, but it has been so long since I’ve been running that I can’t even make it 2 miles without having to walk. I’m sure it will come back quickly, I just need to be consistent with it. The weather is decidedly fall-like now, which is actually really nice running weather–at least until the rain starts. Hopefully the month goes by quickly. I’m ready to move on from all of this, one way or another.

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One Response to Here we go again

  1. gbabcock9362 says:

    Twins would be fine, too, Tracy. I can come over and help. We are all keeping our fingers crossed–through the months of October and November. It will be difficult for me to type, but it’s worth it! Love you, Mom XXX

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