And we are a go!

Everything looked great on Saturday, so we are on schedule for the transfer on Thursday. I’m hoping I can just not show up to work and no one will care/notice. I will probably tell them I am working from the UW, since I’m supposed to be there in the afternoon for a conference (which I am of course skipping, but no one needs to know that). I’m glad this will be the last day of work I will have to miss for awhile. With the two weeks I spent in DC, taking Thursday off, Friday being a holiday, Thanksgiving in two weeks, going to San Diego for a long weekend the next week, then two weeks later taking two weeks off to go to Austria, I’m going to have a heck of a time keeping up with all my work.

I’m looking at doing another half marathon this spring. I’ve been hesitant to start running again, but I really need to do something, especially on those days when the weather is actually nice out like today (cold, but nice). So I’ve decided to pick something to train for, with the full understanding that if I do get pregnant, I may end up walking for a few months, instead of running. I know realistically jumping up and down, jogging, etc. is not going to knock anything loose, but with everything we will have been through when we finally are successful, I’m not taking any chances. The new get off my ass and take care of myself plan starts today. 🙂

So please send positive thoughts, prayers, good vibes, etc our way on Thursday and hope things stick a little better this time around. Blood test is scheduled for 11/21.

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One Response to And we are a go!

  1. Kathleen says:

    Good luck good luck good luck!!

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