IVF #1 — Take Two

A frozen cycle is very anticlimactic. I just take some estrogen, then show up one day and we put in the embryos. There are no shots, no symptoms, no egg retrieval. No anticipation of whether we are going to get anything fertilized, when we will do the transfer, whether we will have anything to freeze. We already know all that. We just hope the embryos thaw well (which they did) and hope they stick (which we will find out in about a week).

We transferred two blasts this time: one 4AA (same as last time) and one 3AA (a little less advanced but still pretty good). They both looked good after the thaw. I don’t really know what the success rates with frozen cycles are. It’s hard to tell, since so much of it is dependent on the lab and our lab hasn’t been in operation long enough to have any outcomes data. Plus, I’ve decided statistics don’t matter. Even if something has a 99% chance of working, if you end up in the 1% for whom it doesn’t work, then that 99% means nothing. Statistics are good in helping you to make a decision about something–IUI #5 would have had less than a 10% chance of working, while IVF #1 had a 50% chance, so we decided to do IVF. But once you make that decision, it really doesn’t mean anything. Especially when you keep ending up on the wrong end of those statistics. That’s why I’m not too concerned about the success rates with frozen cycles. I’m just hoping we finally end up on the RIGHT side of the statistics this time.

11 days until beta…

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