The Experiement Continues

I have quite a few data points now, but still no conclusion. I realize that my experimental design is a bit flawed (lack of controls for instance) and certainly is not going to be worthy of publication, but it’s keeping me occupied.

As with last cycle however, the time for silence is coming. Especially after getting a positive HPT last time, I just don’t know when I will feel comfortable with this, no matter what results I get when I reach the end of my experiment. I will test this weekend, I will get my bloodwork, I will get more bloodwork, and we will see where we are next week. Hopefully I will have good news soon, but for now, the uncertainty continues.

In the meantime, I give you an actual published scientific journal article discussing the sensitivity of HPTs, courtesy of one of my internet friends who knows how weird I am when it comes to science and pee sticks. I love this!! I could totally see myself doing this experiment in my bathroom if I had access to hCG, urine, and many, many HPTs. Enjoy!

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