Still Unexplained

Test results are back, and as expected all are normal. That is good. Now I’m less worried about going forward with this FET knowing that there is no reason to change our protocol. So even if this one doesn’t work, I won’t wonder “what if.” But it is so damn frustrating that there is no explanation for why we are having so much trouble.

I can only hope it is just a numbers game, and we keep trying until it works. I’m strating to get excited to try again, which is a nice change from how I’ve been feeling the last few months. Time is actually passing a lot more quickly than I expected. It will be April before I know it.

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One Response to Still Unexplained

  1. Cristy says:

    I’m happy to hear that your results came back with everything looking normal! That’s a relief. Still, it’s enough to want to make you tear your hair out when everything is okay. Looks like you and I will be overlapping for treatment, so I’ll be following and cheering you on.

    Also, I’m more than happy to team up with you to do PubMed searches.

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