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Getting Ready

Now that we have an actual date for our ET, it’s starting to feel a bit more real. I’m still on estrogen, 2 mg twice a day. That suppresses my ovaries so I won’t ovulate on my own. In about … Continue reading

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One more day.

We were supposed to get our schedule for FET #2 today, but my nurse is home with her sick little boy. We will go pick it up tomorrow instead. We have to sign the consent to thaw our embryos tomorrow … Continue reading

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Killing Time

There’s a lot of waiting in a FET cycle. With IVF you have needles! Monitoring! Giant ovaries! It’s all much more exciting. An FET is just waiting. Start estrogen. Wait. Monitoring. Wait. Progesterone x 5 days, ET. Wait. I’m kind … Continue reading

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