And we’re off…

Baseline appointment today showed everything right on track. Ovaries are “quiet” meaning I did not ovulate this month (that’s good–we don’t want my body doing anything on its own right now). Lining is at 8.8 mm and “beautiful” according to Dr. Z. My uterus doesn’t get many compliments, so that was a nice way to start the morning.

I know I’ve mentioned before how much I love this clinic. It’s relatively new, and they’ve only been doing IVF in their own lab since August. We were the third couple to go through IVF with the new lab, and the first FET, so there has been a bit of a learning curve as with everything, especially with the billing. We pay up front for the entire package each cycle, which includes all monitoring, labs and procedures. I think I’ve paid for every package they offer at this point, so I’m very familiar with how much things should cost. The new financial lady I met with today was not. I met with her this morning, credit card in hand, and she told me it would be $175. I told her that was wrong, it should be $3050. She said the $175 was for today’s monitoring, and then we’d pay the $3050 for the FET (she called it a egg transfer, but I will forgive her for that–she’s new). I explained the monitoring was included in the $3050, so I didn’t have to pay for both. She eventually agreed with me, and we are all set, albeit $3050 poorer (plus $1.50 for meds).

So now I’m just waiting for blood work, but assuming my estrogen is where it should be, I’ll start stabbing myself in the ass with really big needles on Saturday and we should be set for transfer on Thursday. I’m ready for this to work. As much as I love the people at my clinic, I can’t wait until I never have to see them again.

UPDATE: my estrogen was low (250, they like it to be closer to 400) so I have to go back on Saturday to get it checked again. I of course googled this immediately upon hearing the news and found one article that says estrogen levels don’t really matter for FET. Just lining thickness matters. They (the powers that be) chose 400 somewhat arbitrarily, since that is the estrogen level at time of ovulation, but I don’t actually need to ovulate for this FET to work, and levels lower than 400 don’t seem to interfere with the success of a FET. So I’m not worried. I will also take my estradiol pill *before* my blood draw on Saturday, and do what I can to get the levels up so everyone is happy and we can move ahead as planned.

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2 Responses to And we’re off…

  1. Cristy says:

    Yeah, I miss Ann too. The new lady is nice, but it’s clear she’s still learning.

    Hooray for great numbers and fingers are crossed for you regarding this cycle! May this be the one!!

  2. Great news! Keeping everything crossed! Good luck with the injections!

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