The 2+ Week Wait

Anyone who is trying to conceive is intimately familiar with the the 2 week wait (aka the 2WW). The time between ovulation and when your period is due. The time when you *might* be pregnant. It’s a long two weeks, but I always found something reassuring in it. There was nothing you could do to change the out come. You could be optimistic. That could *finally* be the month you got pregnant.

With a FET, there is a lot more than 2 weeks of waiting. You just don’t do anything for the entire month leading up to transfer day. The goal is to quiet everything down, so there’s no need for stimulation shots, no need for frequent monitoring, no need to really do anything on a schedule. Until you start the progesterone… then it is go time! Once you take that first PIO shot, you have committed to a transfer day. In a way, I like doing the PIO. It makes me feel like I am actually doing something to make this cycle work. Last night I even figured out how to give myself the shots left handed, to give my right ass a break. It wasn’t so bad, and today I’m actually less sore.

The wait is still hard. Right now we wait to see how our embryos thaw. Then we wait for beta day. Then we wait to see how things go from there. So as in past cycles, I bring you the “14 things to do before beta” list. Even though the 2WW for a frozen cycle is shorter than two weeks, I probably still need 14 things to do to keep my mind occupied because as well all know, even a positive beta is no guarantee of a successful cycle.

  1. give up caffeine as of today, I have gone 3 mornings without coffee. I almost cheated today, and got a split shot Americano, but then just decided to avoid the coffee stand altogether to keep myself on track. I’m not sure I’m enjoying this. I really like my coffee.
  2. finish baby gift #1
  3. figure out baby gifts #2 and beyond–the problem with being a part of a community where a lot of people are trying to get pregnant, is that a lot of them get pregnant. And I fall way behind on my baby gifts. So real life friends are getting priority, and once their gifts are done, I will return to my online friends. They may not get their baby gifts until their babies are toddlers, but it is the thought that counts, right?
  4. submit forms for acupuncture reimbursement
  5. plant my garden
  6. finish the two socks I am currently knitting–I have a million sock patterns I want to make. I end up making one sock, then moving on. But then if I ever need a pair of socks for someone, I can look at the socks I have, figure out which one I like and make the other one. It’s much faster than making a pair of socks, then realizing you don’t like them, then making another pair, etc.
  7. fix the seat cushions for the dining room table
  8. make the shade for the kitchen (ala Pinterest)
  9. organize my recipes and print new cookbook pages
  10. clean the bathroom
  11. find an article for journal club
  12. plan next week’s dinners
  13. make something delicious for breakfast one weekend
  14. get a pedicure

 One thing I’m not doing this cycle is making “if this doesn’t work then…” deals with myself. Sure, if this doesn’t work I’m going out for margaritas, but I would rather plan for “when this does work…”. It all goes along with my positive attitude this time around.


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2 Responses to The 2+ Week Wait

  1. Cristy says:

    Aren’t lists fun? Especially when you get to check things off.

    I’ve been thinking about you and hoping with my whole heart that this cycle is the one! G_d knows there’s been enough pain and uncertainty. It’s time for good news and smooth sailing. Sending hope and love.

  2. Tami says:

    I 2nd every single thing that Cristy said.

    And those no-sew roman shades are darling! I just had to re-pin 🙂

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