Really nothing new. The tres leches cake was delicious. Tonight I’m going out to dinner with some girlfriends. I’m trying desperately to keep my mind on something other than what might or might not be going on in my uterus right now.

For those who are new to the blog this go-around, I have a deal with A. I will not blog about the outcome of this cycle until 1) we tell our families or 2) it doesn’t work. Which means if you are lurking here in the hopes of seeing a BFP announcement in the next week or so, you are not going to see one. We are still very much in the “don’t know if this worked yet” stage of things, and depending on how things go, we might be here for awhile. Stick with me… I promise to keep you all entertained with my delightful musings while we wait.

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One Response to 6dp5dt

  1. Tami says:

    I could seriously use a slice of that tres leches cake right now. Despite the fact it’s 11AM.

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