First, thank you everyone for thinking positive thoughts for me when I’m too exhausted to do so for myself. I feel a little better today. One, I googled “cramping in early pregnancy” enough to convince myself that what I am experiencing could be completely normal. And two, I took another pregnancy test and yes, I am still very much pregnant.

So while we wait for today’s blood test which should give us the definitive (for now) answer to “did this work?” I give you my peeing on a stick experiment. Please enjoy:

I’m a scientist. I like to experiment. If we make it past 6 weeks, I won’t know why. I changed too many variables this time. We did PIO instead of Crinone. I stopped running. I gave up caffeine. I went back to acupuncture. I started meditation. We took a 5 month break. I stopped worrying about “deadlines.”

I have still been engaging in some experimentation though. You may recall my OPK experiment with FET#1, where I determined a positive OPK could predict a positive HPT. I replicated this experiment with this cycle:


OPKs, note the darkening at 10 dpo and the clear positive at 12 dpo

HPTs. Note the faint positive at 10dpo, with progressive darkening to 12dpo

So as you can see, by the time the OPK is clearly positive, you will get a +HPT. In fact, you can get a +HPT before the OPK is clearly positive. But if the line on the OPK is not getting any darker, then you can probably predict a BFN (as I did with several cycles during our break).

So while I do not have a well controlled study to explain why the outcome of this cycle might be different than previous, I think I have firmly established the role of Wondfo OPKs in predicting a positive HPT. Too bad I can’t write this up for publication. I think it is a much better experiment than the one I have spent the last two years working on!

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5 Responses to Experiments

  1. Tami says:

    I giggled my way through this post. My husband is a neurophysiologist, and I kept thinking that this is something he would totally do… if I let him 🙂

  2. Tracy says:

    First and most importantly CONGRATS!! So happy to see those bright pink lines for you! When I first started following along, it was because I Googled an embryo grading and found you as a result. Once I started reading, I realized that I could have written all these posts! We’ve been at this crap shoot for 4 years, 2MC’s 2 chems and 4 BFNs. And let me say, I am sooooo sorry we belong to this rotten “unexplained fertility” club. So, we are coming up on our last FET too, I love to make 2ww lists…then I realized your name is the same (even the same “no e” spelling) and good grief – you’re a pee-on-a-stick-aholic too! Hello, doppleganger 🙂 Oh and If you tell me you are a redhead I might just faint! Anywho, congrats congrats congrats!

  3. m. says:

    Very cool stuff. I found your blog when searching for images of faint positive HPTs because sometimes you think,” is this a line or am I just imagining things?” I had blood drawn 2 days ago because my OPKs were still showing a positive (that was DPO 12) and we wanted to verify that I had actually ovulated. So, I think you are correct – the correlation exists! Fingers crossed that my HPT is actually positive. Thanks for posting.

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