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I didn’t give you the full story from ultrasound #1. We had a few people we wanted to surprise and since they read this blog, I had to keep a few details to myself. So let’s go back to Tuesday … Continue reading

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Boring is good, but doesn’t give me much to write about. We another 4 days before US #2 (Friday). There’s nothing I can do in between to ensure that everything is going well. If morning sickness is any indication of … Continue reading

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It Really Worked

The ultrasound was beautiful. Everything measuring where it should. Heart beating at 122 bpm. Beautiful. We have one more ultrasound next week with the RE before she kicks me out and makes me go see a regular OB. Hopefully everything … Continue reading

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6 weeks

We are still waiting to see what is going on in that uterus of mine. Hopefully good things. I’ve been strangely calm waiting for the ultrasound. We had to skip the early ultrasound since I had to leave town unexpectedly … Continue reading

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South Bound

I’m on my way to San Diego for a last minute trip to see the family. We will return to our regularly scheduled ramblings when I return on Monday.

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