What next?

I’m not really sure where to go with this blog now. Things are pretty boring day to day. Once you get through those initial weeks of “oh my God I’m pregnant! With twins!” it all just sort of reverts back to normal life. Which actually, has been pretty surprising for me. I was convinced I would be a nervous wreck throughout pregnancy, wondering when something bad was going to happen. After all, bad things happen. You spend enough time in the infertility world and you see all the bad things that can happen. But I’ve been surprisingly calm. I’m tired. I’m lazy. And I’m nauseous. But I’m not anxious. And without anxiety, I really don’t have much to talk about. Especially since I’m going to bed at 8 pm every night–that doesn’t leave much time for anything else!

I started this blog as a way to keep friends and family up to date on where we were with the IVF process, because I didn’t want anyone asking me any questions. I wanted them to be able to get the answers they wanted without having to go through me. It worked wonderfully, and along the way I met so many other wonderful people going through their own IF journeys. I never really thought about what would come of this when we were successful.

In the midst of our IF struggles, I stopped reading many a blog when pregnancy became the focus. I have even been known to stop reading cooking blogs when I suspected the writer was on the verge of a pregnancy announcement (it’s amazing how good I am at predicting that!). It was hard to see the women who had been my “cycle buddies” go on to have their totally normal pregnancies and totally normal babies while I was getting left behind, yet again. But over time, I’ve returned to their blogs, to their stories and love following their pregnancies.

I guess it comes down to whether I’m writing this for a certain audience, or whether I’m writing this for me, and that I don’t know the answer to. We’ll see how things develop… once we go public I may just consolidate all things baby-related onto my personal blog. And if I do, I’ll be sure to let you know so those who care to follow the development of the peanuts can do so. For now, no news is good news. NT scan is June 20th. And I’m going to Philly for a week on Wednesday. Hope the babies like cheesesteaks!!

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6 Responses to What next?

  1. sass says:

    I hope you have a wonderful trip! Is it for fun or business?

    • tracysue says:

      Business, but I always try to find something fun to do on these trips. One can only sit through so many hours of a conference before you need to break out and play tourist.

  2. Trisha says:

    I’ll likely be in Philly on Thursday night! Definitely planning on housing a cheesesteak and I’m crossing EVERYTHING hoping that the baby doesn’t object!

  3. Kathleen says:

    Boring is wonderful!! 🙂 I wish I was a better blogger so that I had good stats on what happened while I was pregnant – I know you’re equal to the task because you’ve always been much more diligent/organized than I ever was, but do whatever makes you happy!! 🙂

  4. Have a wonderful trip and whatever you make this blog I will keep reading. Do what you want and makes you happy.

  5. sass says:

    Good luck today!!!!

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