13 weeks? Really?

Somehow we’ve made it to the end of the first trimester (or will be there as of Saturday). I’m not really sure how this happened. The only indication that I am pregnant is the constant nausea and the unbelievable bloat after I eat too much. Oh, and the little people you can see in my belly on ultrasound:



They were flipping around, literally bouncing off the uterine walls today. One waved at us, the other hit himself in the face. Please note, when I refer to genders it is just for convenience. As of now we will not be finding out genders before they actually get here. There are so few surprises left it life…

Things are going well. I’m done with my fellowship next week. Although I am still supposed to write a paper, and there is no way that will be done next week, so I guess I will be doing some writing from the lake. I have the entire month of July off, most of which will be spent out of town (two weeks at Flathead Lake in Montana, one week at the Jersey Shore). July 30th I start my new job. Finally, after who knows how many years of education I will *finally* be doing what I’ve been training to do. I just need to tell them about the monkeys in my belly and hope they don’t fight me on my planned 4 months off. I don’t think they will. They need me and it will take them longer to find someone to fill the spot than the 4 months I will be gone.

It is all so not exciting. I mean, it is exciting. It’s very exciting. But it is still so unreal, that it is hard to believe after everything we’ve been through this is really happening. So it is a very calm excitement, but calm excitement is about all I have the energy for these days. Seriously, I just want to nap all the time. Thank goodness for upcoming vacations!!

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4 Responses to 13 weeks? Really?

  1. Cristy says:

    Look at those ultrasound photos!!! Such beautiful little ones. Congratulations on reaching this milestone and I’m hoping the next 2 trimesters are just as smooth and uneventful (outside of the moments of happiness).

  2. sass says:

    Congrats! You are going to have a fabulous summer. I can’t wait to hear all about it. Each time that we’ve seen the doctor, I am completely amazed that this thing is still thriving. Yes, I agree. This all seems so surreal. But really good too.

  3. Megan says:

    Congratulations on 13 weeks!! Enjoy your vacations and time off!

  4. Hello babies! Glad everything is going well and you get to relax on a nice long vacation. If you want to meet up while on vacation drop me an email.

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