The State of Things

I’ve been wondering what to do with this blog now that we are where we are. I thought about why I started it in the first place. I needed a place to air my anxieties about the IVF process. I needed a place where I could keep people updated on where we were, without having to actually talk to people in person. And I liked having the chance to talk about everything we were going through, in case other people going through a similar process wanted my perspective.

Now things are different. I don’t have any anxiety about this pregnancy, which continues to surprise me every day. I thought for sure I would be a mess after the mind f*ck that is infertility, but other than my nervous breakdown between beta #2 and #3, I’ve been very zen about this whole pregnancy thing. Even the twin thing didn’t throw me. Plus, I’m perfectly happy to talk about things in real life, so I don’t need this secret blog to keep people up-dated. I can do that on my personal (although sorely neglected as of late) blog. And finally, do people really need to know how pregnancy works? It’s such a unique experience for everyone, and a lot of times, if you have had to deal with or are dealing with IF, you don’t really want to hear all the complaints (seriously, none of my pants fit and it’s not because of the belly) or excitement (more fascinated than excited–there are actually humans inside of me). I’m not going to stop writing about this, because I need to remember it for me and for the babies. I just don’t think this is the right venue anymore.

So with that, I’m retiring the blog. And will resume my posting on our other blog. You are all welcome to join me over there… it will be more “here’s what we did this weekend” and less “here’s what my follicles are doing” but I promise, it won’t be all baby all the time. And perhaps the influx of new readers (do I even have any readers left over here?) will inspire me to update.

And I still do read blogs! I’ve just taken to reading on my phone more than my computer, which makes commenting a royal PITA. But know that I’m following each and every one of you, and continue to be your cheerleader as you all have been there for me.

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One Response to The State of Things

  1. I understand your rationale for stopping this blog. But do know that I have enjoyed reading it and following along on your journey- especially with the double happy ending!

    Also, thank you for being such a wonderful sock buddy. All the nurses at my clinic call me the ‘monkey girl’ now and have already talked about how my shower theme needs to follow suit. I know the socks were just a token, but they made a very daunting process (wrought with so much fear and emotion) one that became enjoyable and… ultimately ended in a pregnancy. What more could I ask for? 🙂

    Take care and I wish you the absolutely best with those two little munchkins!

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