TTC Timeline

August 2008–Married!

April 2009–done with the BCPs!

August 2009–getting down to business, start TTC.

March 2010–Hmmm, something should have happened by now. Start charting.

August 2010–Charts look good. Get some tests done. We both pass with flying colors.

November 2010–First RE appointment. The verdict? Unexplained Infertility. Decide to take up running. I need to have control over something!

January 2011–IUI #1. Negative, then I run my first 1/2 marathon.

February 2011–IUI #2. Negative

March 2011–something funny on the ultrasound. Get the fallopian tubes checked. Look good. Onward!

April 2011–IUI #3. Negative

May 2011–IUI #4. Negative. Time to switch it up…

June-July 2011–Break to prepare for IVF #1. And I run another 1/2 marathon.

August-September 2011–IVF #1. +HPT 6dp5dt. Beta #1–46, #2–70, #3–30. Chemical pregnancy.

October 2011–Back on BCPs to prepare for FET #1

November 2011–FET #1. +HPT 7dp5dt. Beta #1–100, #2–370. Bleeding 2 days later. Nothing on ultrasound. Another biochemical pregnancy.

December 2011-March 2012–Long break for mental health, to start running again, and to figure out the plan.

April 2012–FET #2. +HPT 4dp5dt (barely). Beta #1–153, #2–269, #3–675

May 2012–First U/S!


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